Domestic Relations

Domestic Relations is a division of Circuit Court in which primarily divorces are filed. Divorces (especially when children are involved) are complex and we strongly recommend you consult with an attorney. By law, no one in the Clerk's Office can give you legal advice. There are many issues involved, some of which you may not be aware of. An attorney can advise of the laws and requirements regarding your children until they reach the age of majority. If divorce issues are covered completely and correctly in the beginning, it may preclude you from having to re-open your file for future proceedings which involves another filing fee, re-hiring an attorney and possibly going to trial. You can refer to your yellow pages and find attorneys who specialize in domestic relation matters. Our office does not have "fill in the blank" forms for many of the pleadings which are required to be filed.

Once your uncontested divorce is filed in our office, there is a 30 day waiting period before the Judge can sign your decree. This is if all your paperwork is in order. If your divorce is contested, it will be randomly assigned a judge and set for trial. For questions regarding your divorce, you will need to keep in contact with your attorney. All notices and trial settings will be mailed to your attorney as well as the divorce decree at the conclusion of your case.

Effective January 1, 1994, when any order of Child Support is entered, the Withholding Order payment of Child Support shall be served immediately, unless the parties have reached an alternative agreement and the judge approves such agreement.

Fee Chart

Fee Description

Filing Fee

Domestic Relations Docket Fee


Modify/Enforce (contempt)


Subpoena Fee


Garnishment Fee




Motion for judgment, default judgment or summary judgment


Income withholding order


Withholding termination fee


*Special additional service fee for all papers served by Monroe County Sheriff's Office pursuant to Act 2011-243 - $20.00

CERTIFIED MAIL - When requesting service wherein the address provided is a post office box, or is out of state, the papers may be served by certified mail. You should prepare an envelope, green card, and green and white sticker. Be sure that the Clerk's address is the return address, to-wit: CIRCUIT CLERK, 100 MAIN STREET ROOM 203, CENTRE, ALABAMA 35960. You must affix the proper postage onto the prepared envelope. For current certified mail fees, please visit

Required Child Support Forms